Here are some recent wedding references:

“Larry Green is an amazing person. You will have a phenominal time, I promise. The man knows what he is doing.” “Not one person was sitting at the table during the party!” “Everybody was dancing.” “Great deal, great prices, for a great show!” Lauren & Peter Santana, Grande Dunes Ocean Club, 9/17/11 For the entire reference, view the videotaped testimony.

“Every action—his center stage setup, his warm and natural style, his subtle and creative encouragement, his fun and entertaining manner—was geared towards bringing our family and friends into the festivities. He succeeded 100%.” Hal and Kirsten Snyder, Parents of the Bride, yothere77@yahoo.com (302) 239-7279 Read Full Letter

“You did a great job. Everyone had so much fun. It was awesome. Just awesome. You captured all the songs my parents wanted as well as the young kids, and you mingled it all amazingly. It was perfect.” Andrea & Christopher Woody, Grande Dunes Ocean Club, 8/6/11 For the entire reference, view the videotaped testimony.

“When I learn that Larry is personally contracted to provide entertainment for one of our many weddings here at the Isles Restaurant, my increasing level of ease is noticeable. He provides the very best in understanding and organization, serving as the logistical “supervisor” of every wedding at which I have observed him. So much so, when I was recently married myself last October, there was no debate between my wife and I as to who I wanted to contract for our own wedding.” Justin T. Harkey, General Manager, The Isles Restaurant (910) 520-8482 Read Full Letter

 “Larry did a wonderful job. He definitely entertained all my people. He’s a great host, a great entertainer, hands down, for real.” Victoria & Chris McClain, Kingston Plantation, 7/23/11 For the entire reference, view the videotaped testimony.

Blog Post: A Memorable Production. Really.

“You really have a talent for delivery! The way everyone was introduced was perfect. I thought your delivery of the love story was so heartfelt. I had so many people come up to me during the wedding and say, “where did you find this guy?! He’s awesome!” April Sullivan asullivan@finelandscapes.com (703) 973-5370 Read Full Letter

“The things Larry did for our wedding were beyond just playing music. He got everybody up having a great time. He had everybody involved, out there, up there, doing things, laughing, and that is more than a DJ.” Rachel & Jason Obitz, Breakers Resort, 5/8/11 For the entire reference, view the videotaped testimony.

“Right from the very beginning Larry was there helping people take their places in line for the Grand Entrance. He helped us all better understand what was expected of us in a very nice way. He was on the button with all of the events; the toasts, the special dances, the cake cutting etc. Everything flowed well.” John Burke, Father of the Bride, 181 Blackwater Drive, Winterville, NC 28590 Read Full Letter

 “It was great. Larry’s more than just a DJ. He’s truly a wedding entertainer. One of the arts that he has, his skills, is he can engage the whole audience. Our families just absolutely had a great time.” Stephanie & Kyle Skidmore, Hilton Head Marriott, 5/7/11 For the entire reference, view the videotaped testimony.

Additional References