Here's an overview of my wedding package.

My Wedding Package consists of a combination of services combined together to assure the success of your wedding’s entertainment experience. I serve as:

Your Music Host (DJ)

The music featured for your wedding is presented in accordance with your preferences and priorities. Music Mixing Audio Samples and Further Information

Your Master of Ceremonies

My role as your Master of Ceremonies is far more than merely making announcements. M.C. Description and Further Information

Your Entertainment Planner

I enter into a comprehensive planning process, in order to craft a unique reception plan that reflects your personalities and includes your family and friends in the memorable moments and fun. Sample Reception Agendas and Further Information on Extensive Planning

Your Entertainment Director

The outcome of your celebration depends not only on what you’ve planned to do during your festivities, but on how effectively it’s staged and presented. Description and Further Information


In accordance with your priorities and personal style, I provide any or all of the following:

Personalized Grand Entrance

I thoroughly personalize, prepare and deliver a unique Grand Entrance that will definitely entertain your guests while setting the tone for your wedding celebration. Further Grand Entrance Information

Love Story

Working closely with you, I can compose, produce, and narrate your own special “Love Story” that will captivate and entertain your attendees. Recorded Sample and Further Love Story Information

Custom Music Editing

For added impact and effect, I provide specially-edited versions of the music you choose for each segment of your festivities. Audio Samples and Further Information

Prerecorded Voice Overs

For added sentiment and romance, I can include heartfelt, prerecorded messages as a voice-over, during any of your special dances (Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Last Dance). Audio Samples and Further Information

Long Distance “Well-Wishes”

I provide members of your family and close friends who are unable to attend your wedding, the opportunity to record a meaningful message of “well-wishes” to be shared with you and your guests. Audio Sample and Further Information

A Selection of Special Activities

Throughout your celebration, if you choose, I can incorporate a variety of interactive, wedding-appropriate and marriage-related audience participation routines that will involve and entertain your guests, eliciting applause, cheers, and laughter. Video Examples and a List of Special Activities

The Right Equipment

When it comes to your wedding, there should be no reason to skimp on sound quality. Naturally you want everyone to feel included in whatever is being presented. Whether your ceremony and reception are in one room or several rooms, I make sure everyone can readily and comfortably hear what is happening and no one feels left out. Equipment List

Décor Lighting

I provide a wash of color on the walls, floor and ceiling. Contact me for further information and a variety of enhanced lighting options.

Covering All the Bases

All equipment is backed up on site, I provide full liability coverage and a written guarantee.


Without first having the opportunity to really learn about your wedding plans and discussing how I can contribute to their success, providing a price quote would be premature. More Pricing Information